Newborn’s Safety

Newborn Safety CuteBaby Photography, Newborn Photography Manchester, Newborn Pictures Cheshire

For the Cute Baby Photography Baby’s safety always comes first! As a newborn photographer my number one priority is the safety of the baby during session. It is very important to be educated on a pose you are going to try and to educate new or soon to be parents that what they see in my gallery is not always as it seems. There is more behind the image then you can see! Newborn photographers must know difference between safety, poses, composites, etc. All parents who come to me  are entrusting me with their new baby, their precious thing in their life. I want everyone to be safe and if it means extra editing time to get that spectacular pose, I will do it! I treat my clients exactly how I would my own children. You should never put a baby up on something high off the ground. Or let a baby just learning to stand, hold on the something and let go of said baby just for a picture. They will inevitable fall and get hurt. One false move can devastate our photography business forever. Not every newborn can do every pose! Some babies will curl easily, others won’t. Some babies will allow you to fold their legs up under them, others won’t. Do not force it! You should also find out from the parents if the baby has any medical conditions. If you are ever unsure, then do not attempt the pose. Taking the extra time to make a composite is well worth it to know the baby was never in any danger. When choosing a newborn photographer you should always ask them how they get the types of pictures as seen below. If they say they are not composites, please stay away from this photographer! If the baby in the picture looks uncomfortable that is a warning that the baby’s comfort and safety were not put first.

Below are some pictures of before and after. The SOOC pictures are “Straight Out Of Camera”, and the POST pictures are after post processing has been completed. The official term for these kind of photos are “composites”.

First image is quite simple. In order to get the baby’s head straight and not falling over, the baby’s head is resting on the assistant/parent’s finger. The finger is then edited out later on. Second image show you how parent’s/assistant’s hands support baby during position on bean bag.

Newborn Photography Manchester, Newborn Pictures Cheshire, Cute Baby Photography

This third image of the hands under the chin pose is two photos merged together. One picture is holding the head and the other is holding the hands together. There is never a time during this pose that an adults hand is not supporting the baby.

Newborn Photography Manchester, Newborn Pictures Cheshire, Newborn Safety Cute Baby Photography