Newborn Photography Manchester

Newborn Photography Manchester

Welcome everyone here. As usual we’d like to share with you our superb experience with another newborn baby that was brought into our studio. Big thanks to the parents for choosing us as their photographers. This is always huge privilege to us.

As usual before the shoot we followed our procedure to find out everything we could about the parents and a baby. This is to be able to make session as bespoke as possible. It is important that you let us know about your work or any special stuff you may do. This could make all the difference in customising your day.

Session itlesf was a great experience as usual, we were really excited about the day and as usual the results were amazing.

The gear:

As you know from our previous posts the gear we use on our shoots isn’t a secret. We are true lovers on Nikon gear and as always as camera body we used Nikon D800 with beloved Sigma 50mm f1/1.4 ART. This lens does a magic and we highly recommend this setup.

In regards to the light we used massive softbox by Elinchrom. It was nearly the biggest octabank with really low power head to get the most in the shallow DOF. As you know is most preferable in Newborn Photography.

We try to not to have too much secrets to put work as we truly believe that it is much more than camera and lens to take great pictures. We are amazed every time we see people that don’t have a clue to call themselves “professional photographers”. Let’s make it clear, owning the DSLR doesn’t make you professional photographer. Owning the piano doesn’t make you a pianist, you are just piano owner. The same applies to the photography.

Regardless we are thrilled to see you on our website and we hope you will be here often. All the best…

Additionally we are always thrilled to see new customers. Please share our work with your friends and family and advise them to come over… we are happy to take on any join out there. If you wish to send us a message please follow the linkĀ

See you soon x