Choosing a photographer to photograph your precious baby is an important decision.

Babies are only little once, and hiring a professional photographer to capture those moments before they pass by is an amazing gift to give yourself, family members, and your little one when he or she is all grown up.

Professional photography is a specialist service and how expensive is it is one of the first questions that new parents will ask.

To give you an idea of what you are likely to pay for professional images of your baby, we can look at some standard services and products provided by each individual photographer.

Here are just some of the reasons why the prices being charged could be justified:

  • Photographer's Talent, Skills, years of Experience and ongoing Training Cost
  • Rent of Studio space
  • The energy required to heat the work space and to power studio light
  • Business Insurance Payments
  • Tax Payments
  • Studio preparation
  • Hand made Props and Blankets for the shoot
  • Replacement of Backgrounds
  • Washing blankets, outfits and cleaning props
  • Travel to a studio or outdoor location for the photo shoot
  • Time Working during the session
  • Time Working to Edit and Retouch the photographs from the shoot
  • Post production equipment (Photoshop, Calibration Device, Retouching Tablet)
  • Investment into the business (Camera, Lenses, Lighting, Computer, Editing Software, Website Costs)
  • Admin charges (advertising, posts, emails)
  • Professional Memberships
  • Staffing Costs (Photography assistant)
  • Products and wall art ordering (Personalised Photo Books, Prints, Trifolds, Canvases, Boxes for prints, Boxes for Books, USB)
  • Postage and Shipping
There is so much work that goes behind the scenes to create beautiful portraits!
From styling the set, lighting, posing...to editing the images - it's so much more than just a click of the camera.
We have invested an incredible amount in education in posing and lighting, equipment and beautiful handmade props/textures/bonnets to craft beautiful portraits of your newborn/baby.
All prices and final products actualized in January 2024.
All prices and packages are subject to change without notice as we aim to tailor our products to individual needs.